Monday, December 22, 2008

Affect of Drugs on the black community

Most common Drugs used



Drugs have always affected the black community and as i result i wanted to research how it as come to be a major epimedic throughout the black community.
Several sites have proven that the first funnel of drugs into the black community began in 1974. Which was the birth of Crack in the black community, The CIA and the DEA started funneling drugs into the black community during the Regan administration to help them fund the Contra's in Nicaragua. This led to the rise of several well known drug dealers such as Rick Ross, Danilo Blandon. Often times trains would run into the south central neighborhoods and stop, when children looked into the trains there was several Weapons which they would steal and bring back into there neighborhoods. Centuries of drugs and the dehumanization of black people have led to high poverty and prison rates for the black man.

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BY: Jodian and Rashaud

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